By Gigli Team

CANN vs Gigli: Comparing Two Trending THC Drinks

Cann vs. gigliIn the world of cannabis-infused beverages, the choices seem endless, and new products continue to emerge. Two popular brands that have been making waves are CANN and Gigli THC drinks. Each brand has its unique qualities and appeals to slightly different people. Let's compare these two and see how they stack up against each other. Obviously, as Gigli we are biased, but we have had CANN and honestly love it; we are hoping that we can simply explain what makes both of our drinks so good.


CANN seltzers are mostly known for their signature 8 oz mini cans. They also sell the same products in 12 oz cans, and they have “roadies” which are 0.5oz packs that are designed to be mixed with water; these are based on their popular flavors.

Gigli, on the other hand, only offers its THC cocktails in 12-ounce tall cans. 

Advantage to CANN for more variety in sizes. 


One of the big differences between CANN and Gigli is that CANN is a seltzer, whereas Gigli is a THC cocktail. We are all pretty well informed about seltzers with their huge growth over the past five years, but what exactly is a THC cocktail? Gigli THC cocktails aim to mimic traditional alcohol-based cocktails with flavors like blood orange margarita and raspberry ginger mule, but of course, replacing alcohol with the magic of THC.

Gigli sells four core flavors, while CANN features three year-round flavors and a seasonal offering. While both lines offer exotic concoctions, CANN uses herbs to flavor their seltzers whereas Gigli sticks to more juices and extracts. So, if you like earthy herby flavors, maybe try a CANN, and if you want to dive into a world of fresh fruity goodness, reach for a Gigli.

We’d say we are in a tie for flavors. We both bring something really unique to the table; you will have to try both to see which you prefer. Follow Gigli on IG and TikTok to see when we are hosting live events where we give away free Gigli! 

THC Content 

Cann vs. Gigli THC seltzers

When it comes to the amount of THC in each seltzer, CANN and Gigli provide a consistent but different experience. CANN offers 2mg of THC + 4 mg CBD per serving, while Gigli provides two options: 5mg of THC  and 10 mg of THC per can. 

If you’re looking to enjoy a milder high, you might want to opt for CANN, but you may need multiple drinks to feel something if you aren’t sensitive to THC. Those looking to feel more with one drink might enjoy Gigli better.  

CBD Content

Some cannabis enthusiasts appreciate the addition of CBD to their THC-infused beverages, as it can help mitigate the psychoactive effects of THC. In this regard, CANN takes the lead by offering a balanced ratio of 2mg THC to 4mg CBD in their seltzers. This balanced combination can provide a less intense high.

Gigli, on the other hand, does not include CBD in their seltzers. Some users may prefer the absence of CBD to fully embrace the psychoactive effects of THC, while others may miss the potential benefits of CBD's calming influence. 

Health Conscious Ingredients 

Both CANN and Gigli have made strides in incorporating health-conscious ingredients into their beverages. CANN, for instance, includes all-natural flavors and uses minimal ingredients. Their straightforward ingredient list appeals to those who prioritize clean and simple consumption.

Gigli also prides itself on using only natural ingredients and flavors, but we go a step further by adding four unique superfood ingredients to each cocktail:

- Ashwagandha for reducing stress

- Kola nut extract for mental clarity

- Ginseng extract for natural energy

- Maca root to elevate your mood

Advantage to Gigli here for going the extra mile in adding ingredients to support your whole body health.

The Final Sip: CANN vs. Gigli

Cann vs. gigli

In the showdown between CANN and Gigli THC seltzers, it's clear that we both have our unique strengths and appeal to different preferences. CANN offers a variety of herby/fruity flavors and a balanced THC/CBD ratio, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a less potent buzz. On the other hand, Gigli has more THC and adds unique health ingredients for those who want health benefits alongside their cannabis enjoyment.

Whether you choose CANN or Gigli, one thing is for sure: you're in for a refreshing and enjoyable cannabis-infused beverage experience. Cheers to the world of choice and variety that cannabis brings to our lives!

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