By Gigli Team

Doses and Mimosas: How to Dial in your THC Drink's Dosage

Drinkable THC is rapidly becoming one of the most popular segments in the beverage market. As party-goers, we've spent years learning how to manage our alcohol consumption, but with the recent legalization and growing popularity of THC-infused drinks, many are just starting to explore these new options.

In 2023, the cannabis beverage industry was valued at an impressive $5.83 billion and is projected to soar to $198 billion within the next eight years. The rise of the THC beverage market presents an exciting opportunity for both seasoned cannabis users and newcomers alike to experiment with the unique effects of these innovative drinks.

How to Dial in Your Drinkable THC Dosage

Drinkable THC impacts your body differently than inhaled THC­­--and even THC in edible forms like gummies and chocolates. By sticking to the following principles you will be able to understand your dosage to make sure your experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Start Low

If it’s your first time with THC drinks, start with a lower dose like Gigli’s 5mg THC cocktails. 5mg is a common starting point, but if you want to be extra moderate at first, you can even try just half of a drink.

Start Slow

Be sure to chill on your first drink for around an hour before picking up another. Every THC experience can be slightly different, depending on factors such as the last time you ate, your mood, etc., so easing into the experience is always best. Even if you’re more experienced! And always remember that you don’t need to finish an entire drink, especially if this is your first time.

Stay Consistent

If you are having a THC drink for the first time, try it without mixing any other elements like nicotine, inhaled THC, or alcohol as this can dramatically change the effects of the drink and give you a skewed idea of how the drink affects you. If you are a little more experienced, keep in mind your previous experiences and based on that you can add more or less THC or start bringing in other elements like CBD.

How Do THC Drinks Work?

Cannabinoids in THC cocktails like Gigli are integrated into the drink with a process called nanoemulsion. When THC is included in drinks with this process, the THC becomes easier for your body to absorb. This means that when consuming THC drinks, the body actually begins absorption in the soft tissues of the mouth and continues and all the way throughout your body, leading to a smoother, more consistent experience. Edibles, on the other hand, take time to break down in the stomach, so the effects come on later and all at once, making them notoriously difficult to dose properly

One of the important things to note is that THC, whether eaten or drank, is metabolized as 11-Hydroxy-THC. This variation of THC is believed to be more potent and reportedly has different effects on users, compared to inhaling, as 11-Hydroxy-THC creates a more body centric high. There isn’t a lot of hard research out there, but from what we’ve gathered, there is definitely a difference.

How Long Does it Take for THC Drinks to Kick-In?

Depending on how much you have eaten, your tolerance to THC, and your body composition, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to feel the effects of one THC drink.

How Long Do the Effects of THC Drinks Last?

Again, depending on your constitution, tolerance, and how much you have eaten, one THC drink can last anywhere from one to three hours.

THC Drinks vs THC Edibles

As mentioned, THC cocktails are absorbed into the body more quickly than edible THC, but slower than inhaled THC. The effects of edible THC may come on later, but are often more potent and can last longer than THC drinks. Clear labeling and portioning make both edibles and drinks easier to dose than inhaled forms of THC.

Get Gigli, Responsibly

Heading out for a night of fun is always exciting, but we've all had those mornings when we've regretted the night before. That’s where Gigli comes in—your go-to for avoiding those dreaded alcohol hangovers. But it’s important to remember that even though THC is a gentler alternative to alcohol, overdoing it can still turn a good time into a very different experience. Starting with a low dose and taking your time are the keys to a good time. Take it slow, give it time to see how you feel after the first sip, and keep your approach consistent. This way, you can ensure every outing is as fabulous as you planned, with all the fun and none of the next-day recovery regrets.

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